multiple board function

what is a board?

A board is an area where you can store a select group of images to review or send to a client or colleague for their info/comments. You can create multiple boards to deal with the variety of projects you may be working on at any one time. These can be saved for an indefinite period of time or deleted as you finish with them. You will need to be logged in to use the ‘board’ function.

how do I create my first board?

When you ‘hover’ over an image you like, the option to ‘add to board’ will appear. You will be prompted to login if you haven’t already done so. A board will be displayed featuring your chosen image and you can give it a name in the ‘create new board’ input box. Click on ‘go’ and the screen will refresh displaying your newly ‘named’ board as your ‘active board’.

how do I manage multiple boards?

Each image you select will be added to your ‘active board’ so ensure that you select the correct board before adding an image. Then you can flick between boards adding images.

I would like to share my board.

You can email your board together with a message. The email function is located at the bottom of the board.

how do I move easily between my search and adding images to my board?

Click on the red ‘back to search’ or ‘back to images’ button, positioned top right of your board