searching for images

how can I find my perfect image?

From the homepage, either type in the keyword(s) which best describes what you are looking for or click on Stills or Gif to reveal the following categories from which you can perform a category search. A category search will give you a wider search return than a keyword search. You can amend or refine your search at any time as the search function is displayed on each page.

category search:

You can choose from the following categories: beauty science, body, close up, eyes, face, fitness and wellbeing, hair, hands and feet, lips, make-up, nutrition, older, skincare, still life, summer, latest.

keyword search:

Please enter single words which best describes what you are looking for separated by a space.
The spaces will be interpreted as an ‘AND’ command eg. ‘eye AND mascara AND application’. You can refine this and narrow your search at any time by adding another keyword in the search box. If the keywords you enter produce no results, a message will display the number of images containing each of your chosen keyword eg “We found 250 images for ‘eye’, we found 10 images for ‘mascara’, and we found 150 images for ‘application”. You can then click on your most important keyword and it will return those results.

search return:

When you perform a keyword search, it will return both still images and gifs. The number of each will be displayed in the top navigation bar.

can I view more/less than 50 images per page?

Yes. Both in the top navigation bar and at the bottom of each page there is an option to increase or decrease the number of images displayed. The maximum is 200 per page.

what if I know the image no?

You can type this in to the keyword search box and you will be taken directly to that image.

are similar images available?

In order to offer a more bespoke image service, you can access a number of alternative frames from most images. Click on ‘enlarge image’ under your chosen picture and this will automatically display any alternative frames from that shot together with the enlarged image. You can enlarge any of the alternative frames, by simply clicking on your selected shot. You will need to be logged in to access this function.

do you have more images featuring the same model?

We understand that the model is crucial to the brand or that you may want a number of images of the same model for a feature so we offer the facility to pull together all images we have of a specific model by first, enlarge the image, then either clicking on ‘this model features in XX images, click here to view’ or click on ‘view production’ and voila!

I can’t find what I’m looking for?

Need help? Please don’t hesitate to contact out talented team for photo research or image enquiries. We will be more than happy to put together a selection of images for you. Contact: or tel: +44 (0) 1428 605841