What Makes You Feel Good!

To celebrate the stunning, new ‘feel good - spa, body and radiant skin’ collection, urbanlip.com is offering you the chance to spoil yourself and indulge the senses at the Elemis Day Spa in Mayfair, London.

The new urbanlip.com collection transports you from serene spa treatments through beautiful bodies to deliciously radiant skin. To access the latest images enter ‘spa’ in your keyword search or visit the ‘fitness and wellbeing’ category at www.urbanlip.com

Simply email a lightbox of your favourite ‘feel good’ urbanlip.com image to Lara at team@urbanlip.com and you could be indulging in two hours of pure relaxation with the Elemis Absolute Spa Ritual – the ultimate de-stress skin and body massage therapy – perfect for both men and women. The ‘lucky lightbox’ will be chosen at random on Friday 31st October 2008.

Welcome to urbanlip.com - the new specialist health & beauty photolibrary has arrived!

urbanlip.com brings a whole new dimension to your search for health and beauty images. We're committed to providing pictures of exceptional quality using the highest calibre artists currently shooting great editorial and ad.campaigns, so they know what's happening out there .. and .. they're shooting all the images exclusively for the urbanlip.com collection - you won't find them anywhere else.

The specialist team is long on experience and full of enthusiasm ready to help you with any health or beauty picture request. We appreciate that you may want flexibility in your final image selection, so we offer alternative frames for almost every photograph displayed. On the off chance that the image doesn't quite fit the brief, then we can also search our extensive archive and failing that, you can always tap into our network of beauty photographers and crew to commission exactly what you want.

Image purchasers in the commercial sector of advertising, PR and design will be thrilled to know that all images are fully model released ensuring that all your usage requirements can be satisfied, too.

We can fulfill your requests any which way you want them. We use the industry's new digital guidlines as a benchmark - 100% quality controlled, min 47mb+, TIFF or Jpeg, Adobe '98, no interpolation, metadata embedded - but if you wanted a CMYK file with colour proof, then no problem. We're flexible and can move fast.

Since our launch, this year, our images have been published on covers and used as 'stories' to illusrate entire beauty features in magazines across the world such as Harpers, Red, Marie Claire and Woman & Home in the UK, Elle and Top Sante - France and Cosmopolitan - Australia.

If you do need a bit of help with an image search or are just short on time, then contact team@urbanlip.com by email or call 0845 5210629

Health & Beauty images so fresh, they tingle!

What makes a beautiful manicure pic ... a beautiful hand!

Manicure pictures are out there in abundance, but really beautiful and precise manicure images are hard to find. Andrea Fulerton, British Nail Professional of the Year 2005, 2006, 2007 and manicurist on the new urbanlip.com collection of hands and feet images gives her insight into what makes a great manicure shot and those essential products which you should never be without for well conditioned and groomed hands and nails. "I always try to locate a hand model with long elegant fingers because, no matter how hard you try, when you get up close those knuckles seem to double in width. I have on hand MAC face and body foundation for disguising skin tone difference, but be careful as over-use will result in the skin looking mannequin-like and harder to retouch. Products that you should never be without are a gentle, but effective, hand scrub to exfoliate dull skin and bring it back to life. If it contains oils it will act as a moisturiser, too. I carry an orange stick around everywhere as there is NOTHING worse than shaking someone's hand and noticing that the days dirt is harbouring underneath their nails. And last but not least, a buffer, which will make nails look effortlessly groomed and healthy, plus prepare the nail plate for a really smooth finish."

Check out the new 'step by step' manicure and pedicure images by clicking on the 'hands and feet' category.