searching for images

how can I find my perfect image?

From the very first page you can use either the ‘search by category’ drop down menu to narrow your search or type a word(s) into the keyword search box which best describes what you are looking for. You can them amend or refine your search at any time throughout the site as the search function is displayed on each page.

category search:

You can choose from the following categories: beauty science, body, cleansing, close-up, eyes, face, hair, hands & feet, lips, make-up, nutrition, older, skincare, sports & fitness and still life.

keyword search:

Please enter single words which best describes what you are looking for separated by a space.

The spaces will be interpreted as an 'AND' command' eg "eye AND mascara AND application. If the keywords you enter produce no results, a message will display the number of images containing each of your chosen keywords eg "We found 25 images for 'eye', we found 10 images for 'mascara' and we found 15 images for 'application'". You can then either click on one of these options to reveal the image results or go to the 'keyword dictionary'.

keyword dictionary:

If you select a word not currently used by then a message will direct you to the keyword dictionary. Just select a word(s) from the keyword dictionary within ‘help’ to be assured a result from your search. Your original search keyword will then be added to the dictionary and applied to all relevant images to continually improve our keyword offering.

what if I know the image no?

You can type this in to the keyword search box and you will be taken directly to that image.

are similar images available?

In order to offer a more bespoke image service, you can access a number of alternative frames from most images. Click on ‘enlarge image’ under your chosen picture and this will automatically display any alternative frames from that shot together with the enlarged image. You can enlarge any of the alternative frames, by simply clicking on your selected shot. You will need to be logged in to access this function.

I can’t find what I’m looking for?

If you need assistance with your search, please contact or tel 0845 5210629 (local call). We’re more than happy to help and can supply you with a selection of suggested images.